Over the course of her career as a news anchor, magazine editor and social media influencer, Alex has collected a wide range of communications skills and experiences.
Alex combines her technical knowledge of traditional media platforms with her influence on digital media and persuasive presentation skills to help you deliver your message.

During her time as an on-air anchor and broadcaster, audiences saw Alex take on a range of files, from reporting the news and delivering the weather, to presenting long-form features and moderating hard-hitting debates. Alex was a regular prime time contributor and prepared regular stories on military veterans and the Canadian Monarchy.

As Fashion Editor and Columnist for Ottawa Life Magazine, Alex profiles local designers, businesses and the latest fashion trends. Her column, 'Ask Alex' is a trusted source of advice and insight for lifestyle readers across Eastern Ontario.

Alex has written for the Ottawa Sun and the Toronto Sun, and has extensive experience with feature and technical writing.

Alex maintains an influential suite of social media platforms and regularly volunteers time with charitable organizations in her community.



Alex commands an array of skills valuable to your business.


As a magazine editor and columnist, Alex has extensive experience creating original written content for print, television, magazine and social platforms. She has additional experience drafting public and media relations materials, scripts, releases, advisories and branded content. Thus, Alex is well positioned to help you realize message objectives, connect with target audiences and hit revenue goals.


As a presenter, Alex has extensive on-air experience as both host and contributor. Her experiences have ranged from anchoring news broadcasts to formal feature interviews to on site filings. As an anchor, Alex was regularly broadcast live and is articulate on camera with and without a script.

Alex is not only familiar with the process and technical production elements of broadcasting, but understands what audiences want to watch. As such, she is uniquely able to ensure your content makes it onto the broadcast.


With years of experience working across print, television and social media platforms, Alex is a persuasive and influential communicator who understands the importance of branding and storytelling in today’s marketplace. Alex connects with female audiences across medium and content, and enjoys creating compelling content and winning over new audiences. She pairs content creativity with a business focus for revenue and audience growth.

With an extensive digital and traditional media following, Alex’s opinions and perspectives resonate with her audience.